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Welcome to the best of German humour !


In Germany, we believe in telling jokes properly. So on these pages, our Laughmeisters Herr Kunz and Herr Kallenbrecher dig up a few of their funniest jokes from their collection every, err, month or so.

Vorsprung durch Slapstick


So here it is: The ultimate list of GERMAN JOKES for download ! Just follow the simple, efficient set of instructions below:


a) Switch on loudspeaker/sound system in your computer
b) Click on a German Joke below
c) Wait until download finishes
d) Listen to Joke (comes after the music)

f) TROUBLESHOOTING: If no laughter occurs before second music, listen to joke again (b)



But the best thing is: You too can be funny ! It is simple. Memorize these jokes and tell them to your loved ones.


What do you mean, nobody laughed? Alright, telling German humour properly may need a bit of practice. Tell the joke again. Tell it again, louder. And again! And again! Start laughing yourself, while you are still speaking. Explain the joke.


By the way, do send us an email to and suggest your favorite joke explanation. Why is this particular joke so funny? If you find the correct answer, you may become the winner of an original Kunz and Kallenbrecher Pig Head Poster.




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