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The German Joke of the Day

Achtung! This is "The German Joke of the Day"


The world's portal for all people who laugh about German humour. And also the home of our new radio show. Which will run on some radio channel in Britain really soon. Seriously. As soon as we find one. Call up your radio station and tell them about it!


Why are we doing this? Because in Britain, everybody thinks that German jokes are not funny. Only because nobody laughs! Only because we have no Monty Python in Germany! No Mr Bean! No Premier League!


Clearly, this is wrong. In Germany, We have ways to make you laugh. So on these pages, our Laughmeisters from Germany, Herr Kunz and Herr Kallenbrecher, organise some really funny laughter for you. And if you don't get the jokes, do not worry. We are here to explain them to you.


So, next time you sit in one of your late trains, chewing on soggy fish in a newspaper: Cheer up! Listen to a German Joke! Think of Kunz and Kallenbrecher - bringing Humour to Britain!




Kunz and Kallenbrecher


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